deep-fried calamari   12     rémoulade / cocktail sauce 

crab cakes  12    roasted bell pepper purée / asparagus and carrot salad / honey lemon vinaigrette

sautéed brussels sprouts   10    caramelized onions / roasted garlic / parmesan cheese   *gluten free

braised short ribs   14    horseradish mashed potatoes / mushrooms / demi-glace    *gluten free

buffalo wings   14    bleu cheese dressing / celery

sticks / mild or hot sauce     *gluten free

sweet potato fries   10    chipotle-molasses sauce

house-cut french fries   6      *gluten free
 -with buffalo sauce and bleu cheese   8
-with jack cheese, cheddar cheese and garlic

bread basket   2.50